AlphaBeatic is your first source for all the things that amuse and entertain in culture and technology, but that also confound and agitate.

One half pop lens, one half social policy analysis and critique, it’s a site that seeks to both stimulate the brain with serious content, and massage it with silliness.

The site finds its genesis in Sex, Bombs and Burgers, a book published by journalist Peter Nowak in 2010 on how war, pornography and fast food had influenced the development of technology – and therefore humanity – in the 20th century. The associated blog covered topics relevant to the book, from new developments in military technology and the latest innovations of the adult entertainment business to the never-ending cavalcade of outlandish new menu items being cooked up by fast-food chains.

That site eventually morphed into, a broader technology blog that was syndicated by Canadian Business and Maclean’s magazines.

After five years of commenting on the intersection of culture and technology through those vehicles, Nowak in 2014 decided to once again transform his online base of operations into a new venture with an even wider net. With a much more visual approach, “words” are only the start at AlphaBeatic.