Here are AlphaBeatic, we take ethical journalism and commentary seriously. Integrity and the trust of readers are our main assets.

In that vein, here are some simple rules that we follow in our coverage and advertising.

General Coverage

We do not take sponsorship or payment of any kind for any coverage. All views, opinions and thoughts expressed in all forms of content are those that are sincerely held by their author.


All products, which includes entertainment content such as films and television shows, are reviewed without prejudice one way or the other. Where a product has been supplied for review by its producer, disclosure will be plainly and clearly made at the end of the review. In cases where there is no disclosure, readers can assume AlphaBeatic or the review author has paid for the product in question.


Companies may sponsor giveaways. In all cases, AlphaBeatic makes no endorsement of the product or service being given away and does not accept any units of said product or service in addition to monetary payment.


Ads displayed on AlphaBeatic may be randomly placed by Google AdSense, with no input, knowledge or direction by staff. Other ads may be directly sold to advertisers, in which case every effort is made to avoid potential conflicts of interest. For example, preference for display space is given to advertisers that are not or unlikely to be regularly covered editorially on the site.

Investments & Relationships

Contributors do not hold any direct investments in companies they cover, nor do they have intimate connections – i.e. spouses and relatives – working at the firms they cover.

Questions & Comments

If you have any questions or comments about any of these statements, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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